It's Not Like the Movies.

Sincerely, she who rockets.

It's Not Like The Movies

Pink Floyd in their own words;
"We never had a Daltrey or a Jagger. Just a bass player who would stomp around scowling and making faces."

My name is Amber. I love reading, writing, music, languages and quirkiness. I'm Beat-Nik and a bit Bohemian. I like to lol.

Welcome to a day in the life of some loser who wants to shine on.

Muse*Radiohead*Placebo*Pink Floyd*Fangirling*Original fiction*Lulz*Writing*Friends*


(I'm always open to getting new friends, so if you're into the same strange crap that I am, feel free to friend me and comment!)


BTW here's some Radiohead and Muse. Revel. Enjoy. XD


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